Debug Your Mental Software - Jay Arthur

Debug Your Mental Software

By Jay Arthur

  • Release Date: 2011-12-22
  • Genre: Psychology


Still making the same old mental mistakes over and over again? Are you still struggling with past traumas, limiting beliefs, or internal conflicts? Isn't it time to debug your mental software? Using the simple tools in this book, you'll learn how to: 1) debug your mental software to eliminate the mental barriers to your success, 2) upgrade your existing software for effortless achievement, and 3) install the strategies of genius. And it can happen in a matter of minutes, not years. You'll find that when you change your mind, you change your life.
Power to Change the Past - Debugging Your Existing Software
You'll learn how to debug the mental software acquired in your past–the traumatic events, installed beliefs, and internal conflicts that affect your success. You may not be able to change the past—the events that changed your life, but you can change how your remember them.
YouÂ’ll learn how to identify and change the most common limiting beliefs. And youÂ’ll learn how to resolve internal conflicts that stop you from getting and achieving what you want in life. Ever had your computer lock up? The same thing happens when you have an internal conflict. You'll learn how to take control of the present moment. Your ability to catch yourself in the act of running old or buggy software will enhance your ability to correct it. A "negative" emotional response to some external stimulus is usually a sign that some old code has been triggered. YouÂ’re rarely angry, sad, or depressed about the current event, but about the unresolved issue it brought up from the memory pools of your past.
Power to Change the Future - Design Your Destiny for Effortless Achievement
You'll also learn how to design your future and make its achievement effortless. Most people pretend they know what they want, but if you examine their "maps of the future" you quickly find that they donÂ’t have a clear, rich experience of what they want, only a crude, flat, static map. To create the future you really want, you need to have a robust, 3-D, sensoramic experience of it. YouÂ’ll learn how to take your existing maps and transform them into rich, holographic experiences that will pull you into your future.
Power to Change the Present - Installing New KnowWare
To become successful, you'll probably need to install some new mental software. Most books and courses teach what you need to do—the step-by-step processes (what I call the system), but rarely teach the mindset required to implement it properly. There are simple ways to detect and decipher the necessary mindset to implement any strategy or system. As you go through this book we'll look at ways to clone any genius mindset.